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Sequential Cards - Michael Ricks
Many thanks to Rift and Keysmith for making this easier.

Common Projects F/W 2014 | Made in Italy | HAVEN


Affine Records have just released the video for ‘Ijusi’, the concluding track off Okmalumkoolkat’s Holy Oxygen I - currently at #2 on the South African iTunes chart.

The video was shot in Vienna and Johannesburg and sees the futuremfana dishing out lines to the camera under an ominous red filter. He’s sporting what now, due to consistency, can be described as a typically Okmalumkoolkat brand of futuristic attire. His scenes are accompanied by cutaways to scenes of taxi-dominated streets of Jozi juxtaposed against close-ups of less contemporary Viennese statues.


(via okmalume)



supreme 80s chrome logo art!!!!

extract. more soon. bises